Time To Start Living In The Moment

The only thing that’s guaranteed in life is that it’s all going to change.

Whether you like it or not, things are going to change. Things are going to shift, adapt, adjust, and morph over time and to be completely honest, you have no control of what really happens. Yes, we may have certain ideas and concepts for what we want to see in our future, but it’s actually out of our control when we really think about it.

What’s a bit frustrating about this journey of life for some is that they can’t go back to the past and fix it or and they can’t go to the future and predict it. This doesn’t stop people from trying however. Many people get stuck in the past or the future because they are too busy avoiding really living in the moment. Either way, you are completely stuck when you are not right here.

As life constantly changes, we must change as well. We have to let go of the places we can’t physically go – the past and the future – and start showing up and connecting with what’s going on right now in this moment. If we can show up in this moment we give ourselves the ability to actually live.

The present, actually when it boils down to it, is the only moment in time that we truthfully have control over. And yet, so many people appear to live everywhere and anywhere but in it. Many are stuck in the tar of the past or are making an attempt to swim to the future as quickly as they can – only to find that living in both these places yields absolutely nothing.

When you give up the past and the future, you give yourself a chance to really live a meaningful and intentional life. But it’s only when these things are given up do you actually begin to really connect with what you are capable of.

Doesn’t the idea of actually living sound a whole lot better than being stuck?

I think so.

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