Taking A Look At Thyroid Health Tips Offered By San Jose Functional Medicine Center

A lot of people with hypothyroidism turn to practitioners with an alternative approach. If you have thyroid issues, you might consider seeking help from a San Jose Functional Medicine center. These professionals focus on identifying the root of the problem that is causing the disturbance leading to poor thyroid functioning.

After identifying the root of the problem, the practitioner will make adjustments and changes to help return the body to a state of normal functioning. A number of tests and assessments will be conducted to help the doctor determine the appropriate therapy needed. These therapies include changes to nutrition and various other therapeutic actions.

Hypothyroidism, a hormone deficiency, involves the output of the thyroid gland. This condition typically develops over several years. The symptoms are not always noticeable at first and become more obvious as the condition progresses. A lot of people relate the symptoms to growing older. As the metabolism continues to slow other symptoms will begin to appear.

There are several symptoms that are indicative of the condition. Usually they involve a sensitivity to cold, puffy face, fatigue, weight gain, dry skin, high blood cholesterol, muscle aches or weakness, and joint swelling or stiffness. Some folks may experience a slowed heart rate, depression, impaired memory, and hair thinning.

This alternative approach to medicine forms a trusted relationship between the individual and the practitioner. The patient and doctor work together to restore the body to optimum health. As a team, they decide on the appropriate therapy that fits the particular individual. Using natural therapies helps reinstate proper hormone production so that the system functions properly.

The functionalist approach considers the biological and the environmental factors of each individual seeing the person as a whole. These practitioners are dedicated to the holistic approach rather than addressing only symptoms. This type of medical care is often more appealing than traditional care for many conditions.

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