How to Deal with Stress – God’s Answer

We all face stress in our lives and everybody has their own answer. Here is one suggestion and to some degree it definitely appear sensible. Yet it aren't the ultimate answer we are seeking when we ask how to deal with stress.

Fantastic Slumber or a good nights rest. Stress cause our body harm like diseases, blood pressure, heart issues, etc. And sleep helps with many of our illnesses in life. God wanted us to rest and to sleep. Even God rested on the seventh day and it's one of the 10 commandments. Sleep is a great medicine or antidote for the stress in our lives.

What often occurs is one will take a sleeping tablet to sleep and as we know there are side effects to taking any medication. Some individuals say that calm or good sleep won't come from taking sleeping tablets. I have experienced multiple family members who've used sleeping pills and I am able to report not one seems to be less stressful.

Relaxation maybe a great answer to cut back the stress in our lives. If we aren't able to sleep and our only alternative solution is fast asleep tablets maybe just simply relaxing is better. Many individuals have a tough time relaxing. You will often hear them say their mind is running a mile a minute. So here is a key you have got to make yourself relax. Some call is deliberate relaxing. Simply sitting and letting the body go limp and no thinking. Well if you can't shut the mind off or maybe if you can I think I have an answer,

I find my response is just thinking about God and the peace He would like me to enjoy. I prefer to think of His word and His guarantee of abundant living. Mostly I think of how He wishes me to surrender to Him and to depend on His power and not my personal. You know that even is applicable to my stress. There are different classes of stress so go to types of stress to discover more.

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