Uncertainty Is Really A Beautiful Thing

There’s really no such thing as certainty.

This life is all truly uncertain.

The land of uncertainty, while scary at times, is actually the home of the one of the greatest adventures of all. When we are living in uncertainty, we give ourselves the opportunity to be open to everything that the world has to offer us. We connect. We show up as the greatest version of ourselves. We live and breathe in this moment and fully live.

As exciting as the future can be, you become out of touch with reality and distance yourself from individuals and opportunities that are here right now. There’s nothing worse than living in some place that you can’t actually go to, and therefore, missing all that is happening in the moment.

That was how I lived my life.

I lived completely in the future and neglected showing up in this moment.

Not that it was a bad thing all of the time, but it was out of alignment with the deep underlying need and desire for a real connection with others. I knew that I really needed that connection, so I had to start to make some changes. I suspect the balance of where goals and dreams lie with a person who has great ambitions is they must really appreciate what they have now, be the person that they envision in the future at the current moment, and learn that the future is only going to be a representation of deep purpose of what is going on in their life right now.

I spent my entire life looking at the future as the place where everything was going to be fine, but once I got there, everything was still a mess. You can’t escape the person you are now, you can only change that person daily and in the present moment.

So learn to show up in this moment and bring yourself out from the future.

Uncertainty is the name of the game.

Evan Sanders is a professional life coach at AYKME Life Coaching and writes blogs about daily life. For more inspiration, read up this article on making a Change For Life and dive into these Quotes On Hope for some good perspective.