Is Your Romantic Life in Non-Existent?

It’s a fact that most men are afraid of approaching a woman for fear of being rejected, especially if this has happened to them in the past. A guy only needs to be rejected once to develop this fear. Some are a little more hardy (or foolhardy) and try again using the same method of approach again, and are rejected again. This can leave a mark on a guy. It can reduce a guys feeling of self worth to ashes in an instant. The problem is usually a communications issue, in other words, the dude just doesn’t know how to talk to chicks.

Looks really don’t have anything to do with your success with women. Close the sports magazines and have a look at the real world; most men are average looking and they manage to find a girlfriend, get married, have children etc.

One of the biggest mistakes a lot of men make is the whole seduction thing. First off, you shouldn’t even be thinking seduction yet. Not by a long shot. That is a fatal error. Not a single woman is going to be “oh yes! Take me big boy!” the very first time you even talk to her. You will either earn a black eye or a kick in the groin if you attempt to seduce her immediately. At the very least word will get round to stay away from THAT guy because he is a creepy stalker type. Women can smell B.S. coming from a mile off, so don’t even try it.

Okay then. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s move on to what you should be doing. First you need to get her attention from across a room. This is not where you pretend you are James Bond and be a suave jerk (because frankly, that’s what JB is), because women don’t find this attractive at all. No, this is where you use subtleties like body language. This is where you start to behave like a real man, and not the scared little boy you really are (at that moment anyway). Be the alpha male, and she will take notice.

Make eye contact with more than one woman. Keep moving around and interacting with everyone. Every now and again try to make eye contact with the woman you are interested in. If she makes eye contact with you more than once, she will probably be open to exchanging a few words with you.

Now you are making your approach and she is smiling while talking to her friends, while keeping her eyes on you. Stand off to the side and join the conversation to show your interest. When she talks to you, and there is a large crowd, pretend a bit that you cannot hear what she is saying by turning your head towards her, frown and gently shake your head while making the “I can’t hear you” gesture.

If she does catch on that you can’t quite hear what she is saying, she will lean towards you to make herself heard. This is a great sign because she is using her body language to tell you she is interested, maybe even attracted to you. Remember by playing it cool, she will be picking up on your alpha manliness, which she is hardwired to find attractive.

After a few minutes of conversation, touch her shoulder or hand for a few seconds. Be deliberate about it but keep the touch light and without moving around. Keep touching her every few minutes for a few seconds but keep the touch “buddy style” until sexuality is injected. Here it is important to heighten her emotionally and to relate on that level, so get her to talk about anything that made her feel happy, sad or embarrassed.

Watch her mouth when she is talking. Don’t stare though because this is again stepping into creep territory. This next part should be a breeze for all guys, so at this stage of the game, if she has not made some excuse to leave or abruptly shut down the conversation and moved on, you are on the right track so, this is where you start to think of things (preferably about her) that arouse you. This will ever so slightly change your body language and interestingly your pheromones, which she will be perceptive to without even knowing it. It will slightly alter the timber of your voice and hers will change as well. Unconsciously she will be pretty much ready for you to sweep her off her feet and make her fantasies come true.

And that is when things can really pick up the pace. You just may be surprised by the outcome. So play it cool and she will play straight into your hands…lap, whichever.

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