Stress Management Coaching – Overcoming Anxiety Using the 3 Step ABC Method

Anxiety is a thought process and a very destabilizing and unresourceful one. But the good news is that you are in control of your thoughts and how you think; it’s just that in the past you might not have been shown how to do this properly. By following the simple steps below you can begin to retrain your mind and your thinking and work towards a healthier and calmer mind.


When you find yourself thinking anxious thoughts very often your mind is future focused. Bring yourself back to the present moment. Studies have shown that people are less likely to be anxious if they are in the present moment. You are probably aware that of all of those things that you have worried about in the past, very few of them come to fruition – so why spend the time worrying about them. Your mental energy is best applied to other things. Become a master of keeping your mind in the present moment more and more.


Take the time to fill your lungs with oxygen. You may have noticed that when you are off doing your anxious thinking that your breathing will follow a pattern. This pattern of breathing coupled with the thinking releases certain neuro-chemicals into your nervous system that put you into a state that is known as fight or flight. Taking deep breaths allows you achieve a calmer and more present state of mind and releases other more relaxing neuro-chemicals into your nervous system. So get better at breathing deeper more and more every day.


When I help people to manage their stress and anxiety I help them to understand the choices that they are making. Your feelings follow your thoughts so if you are thinking anxious thoughts it is a given, a law of nature in fact (cause and effect), that you will have anxious feelings. If however you choose calm and peaceful thoughts you will invariably feel calm and peaceful feelings. So what do you choose now?

These steps really work for most people but only after much practice and perseverance. I recommend that if you are busy thinking of the future most of the time then start to wear a rubber band on your wrist. Every time you catch yourself thinking of the future: ping the rubber band then start the ABC process outlined above. This will improve your ability to stay present.

Mark Buchan is a Personal Development Coach who helps people take back control of their minds and their emotions. He has invented a process called the “Inner Coach Process” that he teaches to his clients to help them with behaviour change, overcoming stress and anxiety and other issues that get in the way of a healthy and productive life.

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