Shadow Work. It’s Not As Sinister As It Sounds

Going to the dark places in your life is scary. It is hard. It’s exhausting. But despite all of that it’s one of the most fruitful adventures you can attempt.

Why you may ask?

Because spending time in the places where your pain is holding allows you to finally start the process of releasing that pain despite how uncomfortable it may be.

When you dive into the shadows with the intention of bringing light and healing to your life, you eventually start the healing process that can literally defrost you from the inside out.

Wouldn’t it feel incredible to live a life where you weren’t constantly torn to pieces by what happened in the past and instead lived in the present moment? Wouldn’t spending some time with your pains make that trip worthwhile?

But how?

The best method to get to this place – the shadows – is by putting yourself into a very relaxed and safe state of meditation. When you start to dive into this place naturally your most major fears, troubles, and stresses about life will come to the front of your mind. Continue to breathe.

The major ability that you need to develop when you go to this place is getting near enough to these events and emotions so you can actually feel them though not getting so close that you become completely engulfed by them.

Going into the shadows takes a whole lot of work and practice, but the journey in itself is worth it. It’s worth it because if you do it right, you can start to feel painful events and the emotions that surround those events release from your life. You can start to heal. You can start to breathe again.

The secondary benefit is that you get to unravel your past which allows you to come back into the present moment.

So try it out and see how this works for you. Wouldn’t it be worth a shot if you knew it could help you heal?

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