Magnesium – Exactly why We’re So Depleted Along With The Easiest Way To Fix This

Why we are so low in the mineral magnesium? There’s a variety of causes. It’s possibly due to the fact we’re not eating well. However even when we do eat correctly, most of the time the soil was so exhausted in minerals in comparison to what it used to be 100 years ago for most of our history as a human species that we are even now not going to get adequate magnesium mineral.

Regardless of whether we are eating many fruits and greens and also when we believe we are on a good diet. So what do we do? If at all possible, we need to either get some super foods which can be through the roof in magnesium mineral or we need to supplement, and in my opinion supplementing is certainly preferential because once we arrive at a state of being genuinely persistantly depleted in magnesium and that is the state basically which I would certainly call exhaustion or fatigue, then we have to build-up high levels to a very very large degree.

The fascinating thing about magnesium is the lower you’re in magnesium the higher your body excretes it. As well as the more your body excretes it the more that you have difficulties taking up magnesium. So it is kind of a bit of a vicious loop. The a smaller amount you’ve got, the less you will get from meals. Therefore the only way to completely break this vicious circle is to get some in your body. Now, I do not have confidence in conventional minerals health supplements such as pills and capsules you will get in most health food shops, I think we really need to go a lot better than that.

So what I recommend is magnesium oil. Now it’s known as that but it is is a kind of water and what that contains is something called magnesium hexahydrate. And what that does is you get it in a bottle of spray so you can squirt onto your skin–certain points are best, possibly the hips, your feet, under the knees–and you apply it in and it gets soaked up through your skin right into your blood stream. This is the best way due to the fact often absorbing it via digestion of food gets harder the more depleted you are in it.

So just to side step that whole problem you use magnesium oil and simply have it soaked up directly into your blood stream and your body will start utilizing it right away and begin creating more energy from it. For this reason I strongly suggest magnesium oil and you will probably discover a difference, along with a noticeable difference with it in a short time.


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