Say A Firm No To Anxiety Attacks

Normally the first time you experience anything like this it will catch you by surprise. You may break out in a sweat, begin to feel heart palpitations, tingling hands, your mind and thoughts are racing out of control, and you feel like your coming unglued. You may feel the urge to run from the situation and the more you think about what\’s happening, the more you become panicked. You may feel hot flashes. You normally feel like you may be going crazy. You may be completely terrified.when there is actually no danger around.

Well, if you have ever had an anxiety attack – panic attack, then you may recognize some of what I have just described, and those are just some of the symptoms. Actually, the attack can sometimes be started by a real event that caused some type of fear response, or it simply may have come out of nowhere and you have no idea why it happened. And that is when it\’s really aggravating – when you have no idea why it happened. That makes it all the more scary. It can sneak up on you and have you in a level 10 panic attack and you won\’t even know why. Weird. But it has happened to me.

\”Oh, good grief, Greg, you\’re talking about some crazy people now.\” Nope. Not the case. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, in any given year almost two and a half million people can have panic disorder. And these are people from all walks of life. But, as I see the trend continue, I wonder how many thousands or millions more deal with this disorder and are embarrassed to let it be known. Therefore, I believe the numbers could be substantially higher.

I haven\’t had a full blown attack in quite a long time. But, I remember the terror of the moment, and not only that, the fear, worry, and dread that the same thing would happen to me at any time, any place, when I least expected it. It keeps you locked up, if not inside your house, it keeps you locked up on the inside. It\’s the type of condition that you don\’t want to keep, and you should do everything you can to rid yourself of the problem.

Well, there is good news. Very good news. Today the medical and psychological communities are more familiar with panic and anxiety attacks than they war years ago. You can get help in the form of several treatment options. There are some good sources of online help as well. So if you find yourself dealing with a terrible nemesis of panic or anxiety attack, don\’t run from it. Run toward a cure for it. Run to deal with it. See your medical doctor. He may refer you to a psychologist or Psychiatrist. Just don\’t give up and give in to it. Many times there seems to be a stigma about conditions of anxiety and it causes much embarrassment. Then that embarrassment can prevent people from seeking proper help. Don\’t let that happen.

Make a decision that you will not live bound by the chains of any sort of anxiety disorder. You don\’t have to. We\’ve mentioned that there is much help to be found. There are also ministers who can help in this area. Just remember that millions of other people share your fears and frustrations of anxiety. And also, please know that you don\’t have to put up with this aggravation for the remainder of your life. Don\’t live a quality of life that is less than what it should be because of the nemesis of anxiety and/or panic. Get help. Do what is necessary and don\’t give up. Put your foot down and don\’t allow anxiety to rob you of incredibly great times to come in your life. You can win!

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