The Effectiveness Of Using Bed Wedge Pillows For Specific Medical Issues

My husband suffers burning sensations once in a while because of acid reflux problems which make it difficult to sleep.

Some medications have been tried out. All of these have not given the sort of relief he would have expected. Many even so have side effects that users of the drugs will carry on. Of interest however is some insights I gained from my granny regarding bed well pillows.

My grandma has been suffering asthma all her life. That means that she had breathing problems once until her physician asked her to start using bed wedge pillows. Ever since, her breathing has been easier with the fewer blockages on the respiratory system.

Can all this be termed as mere coincidence? That is far from coincidence or chance. How come many other people who I associate with can testify the same and not only because of asthma but also for other diseases that harden your breathing?

Of many plaudits is that the pillow not only makes you regain your clarity in breathing. Being a pillow itself means that you can use it for extra comfort in your positioning, for example reading or watching TV.

A turning point for me also came when I out of curiosity went online to see what Therapeutic Pillow International had to say about everything. I was amazed at how well it can deal with the issue of snoring. That seemed to be a heaven sent for many people who bought it.

The bed wedge allows the air to flow through a different path and that meant that you don’t have to bother your partner with loud snoring. I immediately knew that I had to order this simple remedy.

I tried out the bed wedge once and ever since that successful experience, I always wanted my husband to use it, which he gladly did after some explanations I made.

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