Are You Suffering From Stress Or Social Anxiety?

Similar to stress, some people with social anxiety disorder realize their fears about social interaction are irrational, but they still find their fears difficult to overcome. Even though suffers can work through their fears, they still suffer inwardly. And afterward, they worry about how they were judged. Fortunately, the condition is curable with certain treatments and medications.

An array of physical symptoms typically accompany social phobia, including excessive perspiration, blushing, nausea, trembling, and difficulty engaging in conversation. Once these symptoms begin, people with the disorder usually feel as though everyone is watching them.

An anxiety disorder, unlike momentary stress, is a condition which involves excessive anxiety and concern about one or more events, circumstances or activities. Unlike the mild, short-lived anxiety caused by some stressful event, an anxiety disorder lasts at least six months and can get worse if an anxiety treatment isn’t administered immediately.

A person will be diagnosed with social anxiety disorder if he or she becomes overwhelmingly anxious and uncomfortable in normal, daily social situations. Worry can continue for days or weeks before the dreaded situation ever comes to pass. The anxiety can become so debilitating that it can affect the person’s daily activities.

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