Spa And Nudity

Nudity is one of the causes that a lot of people are hesitant to get full body massages in a spa. They are usually nervous and very worried about taking their clothes off for a full body massage in front of a total stranger. Spa nudity is actually not that scary, if you will understand how the process goes. If you are still uncomfortable, you can always speak to the spa therapist and let them know what you are comfortable with and what you are not comfortable with.

In a spa, what you first do is you usually change into a robe or slippers in their private locker rooms or for others, the changing rooms. Some spas actually require you to take off your clothes in the treatment room so you can immediately slip under the sheets. Spas usually have steam, sauna and hot tubs. They place separate steam, sauna and hot tubs for men and women. They also have separate changing areas for men and women. Because of this, you are free to go nude, use a towel to wrap around your body or even wear a swim suit.

The massage consultant or therapist usually picks you up in the lounge or waiting areas and then leads you to the treatment and massage room. You should know that a therapist will always knock before entering. They are usually trained to be that way.

You are usually nude during a massage, save for a disposable underwear, if the spa provides any. However, you are always covered with sheets. The body part that is being massaged in a specific moment will be the only body part revealed and exposed. Normally, when you turn over, the therapist will hold the sheets so you will still remain covered.

There are some spa that offer massage types like Thai massage or reflexology. During these massages, the spa usually requires you to stay fully clothed.

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